Monday, December 7, 2009


hello fellow followers.
how many Pts and MDs does it take to embed pictures into a blog? 2 i guess, cause it took us 2 weeks to figure this out.

but here we go, some slide shows of the pictures we have taken so far:

4 days in London, where we got to see the queen, a session of parliament and yummy indian food

our first week in Kampala, Uganda, a hectic place, where the learning curve is steep.

Our first excursion out of the city, to mabira forest, for a taste of jack and passion fruit, a bike ride and a water fall. the last few shots are of Subi (our landlord's kid) with Rusha

Touring Bwaise slum with andrew, our first bike ride and pictures of sausage, the puppy we were babysitting.

enjoy, we will post more as things come up, and send out further blogs with details and stories.


Kyagulanye Guy and Nassoro Rusha (pronounced Chowgoolanee and nasoro)

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  1. Just looked at all your pics..Amazing!! Thanks for posting them and including descriptions and captions. Nice to see that you're settling in and creating a new life there in such a short time! Happy holidays!! xx